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VXI600 Programmable Power Supply


Single, Double, or Triple Output

AC or DC Input Options

Up to 600W, 30A, 450VDC

VXI Message Based Format

6 1/2 Digit Readback

Reduced ATE Size, Weight, and Cost


Advanced Power Designs is the first to introduce programmable DC power supplies on dual C-Size VXI card formats. Designed specifically for easy integration into new VXI automatic test systems, these state-of-the-art power supplies are fully compliant with all VXI specifications for direct installation into any standard C-Size VXI card cage. They can even be purchased with LABVIEW, LABWINDOWS, CVI or HPVEE Graphical User Interfaces*.

The VXI600 series instruments are single, double, or triple output power supplies on standard dual slot VXI C-Size formats. A single module can provide 600W of continuous output power up to 450VDC and 30 amps, depending on the output stages selected. All outputs are independent and isolated and may be used in parallel for greater flexibility.

The instruments comply with all specifications and standards for VXI instrumentation including power consumption, radiated and conducted EMI and cooling. And because input AC power is supplied into the front of the card via a standard IEC connector, no special backplane power supplies or other modifications to your test station are needed.

The outputs of the VXI600 supplies are designed to be customer selected from a family of available output stages. Output stages provide 200W per output with PARD levels as low as 8m Vrms.

In addition to the graphical users interface software drivers, the VXI600 supplies have been designed with many features which make them ideally suited for complex ATE applications. These features include input power factor correction circuitry, built-in self test and software calibration firmware, output isolation relays and internal 6 1/2 digit read back.

If you have selected the VXIbus as a platform for your next generation ATE system, consider taking full advantage by eliminating antiquated rack-and-stack power supplies sand replacing them with VXI-based equivalents. The end result is a fully integrated test system which is elegant, simple, and cost effective.

For more information regarding the VXI600's features, functions, and capabilities, please call, fax, or E-Mail us. Our address is Advanced Power Designs, Inc. 19772 Pauling, Foothill Ranch, CA 92610, (949) 600-6400, or fax at (949) 600-6401. You can E-Mail Fred Sabatine, at fred@vxibus.comor via our web site by selecting MAIL. You can also download brochures, manuals, and VXI600 software demo programs at this web site by selecting the SUPPORT button.

VXI600 Product Description

The VXI600 instruments are single, double,or triple output power supplies on C-size card formats. The VXI600 is a messagebased device for ease of programming. Andbecause input AC or DC power enters directlyinto the front of the card, no special back-plane modifications or backplane power suppliesare needed. Each instrument contains an on-board microprocessor for communications andcontrol over the VXIbus backplane, as well asnon-volatile memory for storage of calibrationdata, default settings, and other sequencingparameters.

The modular VXI architecture allows ATE size,weight, and cost to be reduced while increasingoverall test station MTBF. These advantagesresult from the elimination of duplicate hard-ware elements found in conventional rack-and-stack systems. The VXI600 supplies eliminateredundant IEEE-488 control boards, logic powersupplies, and front panel switches and knobs.Excess mechanical hardware (e.g. sheet metaland fans) found in conventional rack-and-stacksupplies is also avoided.


The VXI600 supplies are packaged as standardVXIbus dual-slot C-size cards. Eachinstrument is comprised of five functionalsections. The VXI Interface and Input PowerConditioning sections are common to all VXI600models. These sections provide the necessarycontrol circuitry for communications over thebackplane, and provide input AC power factorcorrection circuitry and EMI filtering.

The remaining three sections are independentand isolated Output Power Stages. Eachoutput stage may be customer selected from20VDC or 60VDC modules. Each output stageis rated at 200W continous output power.

SCPI Compatability
The instrument recognizes commands utilizedby the industry standard SCPI (StandardCommands for Programmable Instruments).Thus, programming is consistent with othermajor power suppliy manufacturers forinteroperability, as well as simplifyingprogramming and reducing tets programdevelopment times.

Power Factor Correction
The VXI600 supplies have been designed to inter-face with worldwide AC mains with nearly unitypower factor. Both 115VAC and 230VAC modelsare available (DC input optional). In additionto EMI filtering and transient protection, theinstrument includes input power factor correctioncircuits.

Parallelable Outputs
To provide for the maximum flexibility in meetinga broad range of UUT power requirements, LIKE outputstages may be used in parallel. For example, andinstrument configured with three 200W output stagesmay be used as a triple output supply or as a single600W supply - completely under software control.

Output Sequencing
Output sequencing is provided by means of 20 program-able memory stages for voltage level and dwell times.Sequencing can be incremented via SCPI commands or maybe stepped through via SCPI 'trigger' commands.

Cooling / EMI
The VXI600 supplies are fully enclosed and shieldedto eliminate electromagnetic interference, and toprovide for controlled airflow. The instruments aredesigned to comply with all VXIbus specifications forclose-field and far-field radiated emissions and susceptability. In addition, each output stage con-tains miniature cooling fans to ensure adequatecooling air even in instances where adjacent VXIslots are vacant.

Self Test
Both continous Build-In-Test and On-Command Selftestcapability are included to provide protection toboth the VXI600 and to the UUT. The BIT programcontinuously monitors various fault flags and userprogrammable protection circuits. If a failure isdetected, appropriate action is automatically takenby the onboard microprocessor.

VXI600 Specifications

Stage Definitions                                                   Protection Circuitry

Voltage:                                  P20: 0-20VDC, P65: 0-65VDC,  P120: 0-120VDC

Current (I FS):                      P20: 10.0A,       P65: 3.1A,           P120: 1.67A

Current (I MAX):                 P20: 10.0A,        P65: 10.0A,        P120: 5.00A

Power:                                     P20: 200W,       P65: 200W,        P120: 200W

Noise - Rms:                          P20: 8mV,          P65: 8mV,           P120: 10mV

Noise – PK-PK:                     P20: 35mV,       P65: 35mV,         P120: 40mV

Prog. Accy – Voltage:          P20: 3mV,         P65: 3mV,            P120: 20mV

Prog. Accy – Current:         P20: 3mA,         P65: 3mA,            P120: 2mA

RB Accy: Voltage:                P20: 1mV,         P65: 1mV,            P120: 1mV

RB Accy: Current:               P20: 2mA,         P65: 2mA,            P120: 2mA

Volt Resp Time (10-90%): P20: 5mS,         P65: 5mS,            P120: 10mS

Voltage Reg. (vs Line):        P20: 1mV,         P65: 1mV,            P120: 3mV

Voltage Reg. (vs Load):        P20: 2mV,         P65: 2mV,            P120: 4mV

Load Recovery – Max Dev:  P20: 75mV,       P65: 75mV,         P120: 75mV

Load Recovery – Settling:   P20: <50uS,      P65: <50uS,        P120: <50uS


Over Voltage: 0 to FS.  Output is down programmed and the relay is opened.


Over Current: 0 to FS.  Output switched to constant current mode when limit is reached.


Current Trip: 0 to FS.  Output is down programmed and relay is opened when trip delay is exceeded.


Over Temperature Trip: Output disabled if temperature is exceeded.


UUT Discharge: Active when output down programmed.  Circuit will discharge at a constant rate of 1A.


Short Circuit: Outputs are protected against a short across the output terminals.


Isolation Relay: Independently controlled for each output.  Circuitry is provided to protect relays from current switching. 


Remove Inhibit: Provides for remote hardware shutdown of output via front panel interlock pins.




Inputs/Outputs                              Options                                           Physical



Operation Modes:  Constant Voltage, Constant Current

Resolution: Programming 16 bits, Readback 20 bits

Drift: 0.05% per degree

Output Seq. Max States: 20

Output Seq. Dwell Times:  5 mS to 65 mS, +/- 2mS     

Remote/Local Sense:  Up to 50% output can be dropped across sense leads.



Configuration: Single Phase:

Voltage: 115VAC or 220VAC

Frequency: 47 to 63 Hz

Efficiency: > 80%

Power Factor: > 0.85


Backplane Power for Triple Output:

DCV:  +5        +12        -12           +25

IPM:   1.5A     2.3A      0.1mA     1.5A

IDM:   1.3A     2.1A      0.1mA     1.1A


Front LED: Front panel LEDs provide readouts for voltage, current, and channel.


Extended Warranties: Type “A”.  Provides for repair and functional tests of instruments outside the 1 year factory warranty.  Type “B” provides an extended warranty, plus annual calibration and servicing.


LabWindows/LabView/HPVee: Instrument drivers and graphical front panels are provided for communication and control.


DC Power:  Optional operation for DC power available.  Full operation over 18VDC to 32VDC.

Format: C-size, dual slot.

Size: 9.2” (h) x 2.4” (w) x 13.4” (d)

Weight: 6 lbs, plus 1 lb per output channel

Cooling: Internal fans.

Safety Compliance: UL, CSA, VDE


Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 deg C

Storage Temperature: -15 to 71 deg C

Relative Humidity – Operating: 20% to 95%, non c



Input to output: 1500 Vms

Between outputs: 300Vms/500VDC

Outputs/Chassis: 240VDC

RFI/EMI: Mil-Std 461C, VDE 0871/6.78 LVL B







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