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VXI150 Programmable Resistor Card

0.5 to 1.5M ohms in 0.1 ohm steps

0 - 200V / 0.5A / 5 W

Accuracy to 0.25%

Standard Register Based VXIbus Module

OverVoltage, OverCurrent, Output Isolation Protection Circuitry

Advanced Power Designs introduces the Model VXI150 Programmable PrecisionResistor Moddule. The VXI150 is a high accuracy programmable ladderpackaged on a single slot C-size VXIbus card format. The instrument is astandard resistor based card providing programmable resistance values from0.5 to 1.5M ohms in 0.1 ohm increments. And since high power precisionresistors are used, the VXI150 provides 0.5A current carry capability andup to 5 watts dissipation.

Operating Range

The VXI150 provides any resistance value between 0.5 ohms and 1.5M ohmsin 0.1 ohm increments through the use of high power/high precision powerresistors. The maximum current is 0.5 Amps and is power limited to 5W.


The VXI150 is designed for ATE applications where a wide selection ofprecision resistor values are required. Applications include precisioncalibration loading, sensor simulation, and select-in-test resistortrimming.

In addition to these applications, many ATE designers find it much lesscostly to use the VXI150 in place of fixed resistors which previouslyhad to be housed in interface test adapters (fixtures). In many cases,the use of the VXI150 can lead to a reduction in the number of uniquefixtures required and can reduce fixture complexity and cost.


VXI150 Features


Programmable Outputs
Programmable resistance from 1.5 to 99,999 ohms
Accurate to +/- 0.1% at 0 to 15 ohms
Accurate to +/- 0.25% at 15.1 to 99,999 ohms
Maximum current 0.5 amps

Read Back
Voltage, current, resistance readback to FS
Readback accuracy +/- 50 mV. 14 bits resolution

Protection Circuitry
Output isolation relay in series with output
Overvoltage detection automatically engages at >220VDC
Overcurrent detection automatically engages at >0.5A


VXI150 Specifications

        Operation                              Readback                                               Physical

Resistance Range:  1.5 to 99,999 ohms

Accuracy:  0 – 15 ohms, +/- 0.1%

Power: 5 watts

Operating Voltage: 0-200 volts

Maximum Current: 0-5 amps

Temp Coef: 100 ppm/deg c

Voltage Readback: 0-200 VDC, Accy: +/- 50 mv, 14 bits Resolution

Current Readback: 0-0.5 amps, Accy: +/- 0.15 mA, 14 bits Resolution

Temperature: +/- 1 deg c

Size: 1.2” x 9.4” x 12”

Format: Single Slot, C-size card

Weight: 31 lbs

Temperature: Operating: 0-15 deg C, Storage: -40 to +75 deg C

Relative Humidity: Operating: 10% to 90%

Non-Cond. Storage: 0 to 95%


        Input Power                                                   Protection Circuitry

Instrument does not require any input power from the front panel

Backplane: +5VDC, Power: 2.1A

DCV: 1.95A+24VDC, IPM: 1.5A, IDM: 1.10A

Output Isolation Relay:  Isolation Relay provided in series with output to fully isolate instrument for test system.

Over voltage Protection:  Output isolation relay is open automatically if input voltage exceeds 220VDC.  Voltage clamping diodes are also provided to protect instrument from damage from excessive in/out voltages.

Over current Protection: Output isolation relay is open automatically if current draw exceeds 0.5 amps.

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